New employee at NODA


We’re excited to welcome Helen Bogale, Software Developer, to NODA Intelligent Systems.

NODA part of Heat Networks UK


Heat Networks - Sustainability by Sweden is a joint Swedish government and industry-led initiative founded in 2016 to assist colleagues in the UK who are considering heat networks as the way forward for their future heating needs. It comprises around 35 leading Swedish suppliers of technology and services of heat networks, supported by the Swedish Energy Agency, Business Sweden and Swedish industry associations.


New employees at NODA


We’re excited to welcome Daniel Svensson, Senior Software Developer, and George Efstathiou, Automation Technology Developer, to NODA Intelligent Systems.

NODA med i stor satsning i Storbritannien


30 svenska bolag inom energisektorn satsar på etablering och expandering i Storbritannien, via programmet Heat Networks - Sustainability by Sweden.

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Agreement with Heimstaden


NODA reaches agreement with Heimstaden regarding NODA Smart Heat Building, a solution for energy optimization, in 15 buildings in Ronneby, Sweden.

NODA awarded


NODA has been awarded for Research excellence in district heating and cooling at the International Symposium on DHC in Seoul

Räkna med fjärrvärmen i smarta näten


Artikel på Ny Teknik Debatt

Latour Industries creates new business unit within energy efficiency


Latour Industries now creates a new business unit named Bemsiq AB, with Bastec, Elvaco, Kabona and Produal as wholly owned companies and Noda as a partly owned company. Read the press release here.

NODA på Fjärrvärmemässan


Välkommen att besöka NODA på Fjärrvärmemässan i Jönköping den 27-29 september.

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NODA to join DENEFF, the German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency. Read more about the initiative here

NODA connects to the Baltic States


In April, NODA was chosen as one of the innovating SME in Bavaria to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The delegation was lead by the State Secretary for Economy and Media, Energy and Technology, Franz Pschierer.

The Baltic States are in a situation, where NODAs expertise of how to optimize grids, are most welcome. District heating has a huge energy market share but needs to be modernized and less dependent of imported oil and gas.

Thanks to a tremendous work of the German federal organization for Trade and Invest, key customers in all three countries were introduced to NODAs portfolio. Already in June, next meetings are planned.

Kalmar Energi creates smart district heating network using NODA’s technology for virtual energy storage in buildings


Kalmar Energi and NODA Intelligent Systems are working together on an eco-smart and cost-effective district-heating network in the city of Kalmar, Sweden. The system is known as a Smart Heat Grid and is based on intelligent control functions that manage the district-heating network and coordinate the interaction between production, distribution and consumption in order to achieve energy efficiency and long-term sustainability.

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New Member of the Board


NODA names Pär Arvidsson as new Member of the Board. Pär Arvidsson is the Business Unit Director for Latour Industries’ wholly owned companies in building energy management systems (Produal, Kabona, Elvaco and Bastec).

Kalmar Energi skapar smart fjärrvärmenät genom NODA’s teknik för energilagring i byggnader


Kalmar Energi och NODA Intelligent Systems samarbetar för ett miljösmart och kostnadseffektivt fjärrvärmenät i Kalmar. Systemet kallas för Smart Heat Grid och bygger på att intelligenta styrfunktioner hanterar fjärrvärmenätet och sköter samverkan mellan produktion, distribution och konsumtion för att uppnå energieffektivitet och långsiktig hållbarhet.

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Office in London


As a part of our strategy to increase business and presence in the UK, NODA has now an office at the Business Sweden premises in London.

Special Report: It’s time to release the energy


NODA invited to represent Bavaria in the Baltics


In the last week of April, NODA Gmbh (the German subsidiary of NODA AB) has been invited by the Bavarian government to visit potential customers and cooperation partners in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The delegation will be lead by Dr. Johann Schachtner, responsible for international relations in the Bavarian government for Industry and Energy. NODA was chosen because of its innovating solutions in the energy market and investments in its German organisation.​

NODA in cooperation with Schäfer regarding German market cooperation


NODA Intelligent Systems AB, one of Scandinavia's leading providers of smart energy services, has via its German subsidiary NODA Deutschland GmbH entered into cooperation with Schäfer GmbH in Emskirchen regarding market cooperation in Germany.

Press release: English & German

New agreement in Poland


NODA reaches agreement with Housing Cooperative OPTYK in Warsaw regarding Smart Heat Building. The installation comprises of five buildings with 250 apartments.

NODA in cooperation with Business Sweden regarding France market entry


NODA Intelligent Systems AB, one of Scandinavia's leading providers of smart energy services, has entered into cooperation with Business Sweden in Paris regarding market entry support in France.

Press release English
Press release Français

NODA joins DHC+


As part of our ambition to constantly push the boundaries for advancements within advanced data analytics and smart control in energy system NODA has joined the DHC+ platform. The DHC+ Technology Platform is set up under the umbrella of Euroheat & Power and represents the voice for research and innovation for district heating and cooling in Europe and beyond.

About DHC+: http://www.dhcplus.eu/

NODA in cooperation with Business Sweden regarding UK market entry


NODA Intelligent Systems AB, one of Scandinavia's leading providers of smart energy services, has entered into cooperation with Business Sweden in London regarding market entry support in the UK.

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NODA på Fastighetsmässa


Intresserad av smarta energitjänster?

Välkommen att besöka NODA på Fastighetmässan i Malmö den 10-11 februari.


NODA open office in Germany


As part of the company’s expansion plan and due to local business growth, NODA has registered its subsidiary NODA Deutschland GmbH to manage, provide and support the German market with NODA’s Smart Energy Solutions portfolio.

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