Smart Heat Building

Lowering the buildings energy need

Smart solutions saves energy

By using big data from different building sources and auto-analytics combined with deep energy performance know-how the average energy need for heating is lowered by more than 10%.

The intelligent system

NODA Smart Heat Building Solutions™ measure, analyze and optimize the building companies energy consumption by lowering the buildings energy need, creating long-term sustainability and increasing the value of the property.

For every Euro invested in our technology, you save four. Financial and environmental benefits in a good combo" - Patrick Isacson, CEO

Decreases the buildings energy usage by 10 %

By using real-time data from different building sources, such as indoor temperature and current energy usage, and by learning the behavior and pattern of every specific building the systems lowers the need for energy by 10 %.

Increases the value of the building

By significantly lowering the operational cost of the building the value and the rate of return for the property will increase. Reference cases in Sweden shows an increase in value by in average 1 MSEK.

Real time management and surveillance

Measured and analyzed data from the building, both historical and real-time, is turned into information on our customer web portal My NODA Pages. Facility operators and building owners can follow the behavior of the building and act upon the information when needed, for instance if unwanted deviations occur.

Low investment costs

Retro-fit solutions, i.e. adding new equipment to existing infrastructure in the building without replacing it, is often demanded by the industry due to low investment costs. NODA Smart Heat Building solutions operates with existing building management systems and due to the low cost of investment shows short ROI's.

Better environmental footprint

Lowering the energy usage will also lower the environmental impact. Most building companies has plans for how to become greener and goals for energy saving levels they want to achieve. Normally being environmentally friendly means higher costs but by using NODA Smart Heat Building the industry can gain both financial and environmental benefits.

Smart Heat Building is used by customers like Riksbyggen, Kungsleden, Akademiska Hus, University of Warsaw, HSB, AtriumLjungberg and IKEA.

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