Intelligent Energy Services

NODA develops and provides Smart Heat Grid Solutions™ for optimization of District Heating Grids, and Smart Heat Building Solutions™ for energy efficiency in buildings.

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Välkommen att besöka NODA på Fjärrvärmemässan i Jönköping den 27-29 september.

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close NODA på Fjärrvärmemässan

Välkommen att besöka NODA på Fjärrvärmemässan i Jönköping den 27-29 september.

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Lowering energy usage in buildings
Optimizing the grid
How we change the world
Smart Heat Building

NODA Smart Heat Building Solutions™ measure, analyze and optimize the building companies energy consumption by lowering the buildings energy need, creating long-term sustainability and increasing the value of the property.

By using big data from different building sources and auto-analytics combined with deep energy performance know-how the average energy need for heating is lowered by 10 %.

Smart Heat Grid

NODA Smart Heat Grid Solutions™ enables effect optimization of district heating networks for utilities via the most intelligent energy system on the market.

By using big data from buildings and autoanalytics systems utilities can proact to peak load demands and opimize the operational behaviour of the heat load.



NODA to join DENEFF, the German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency. Read more about the initiative here

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NODA connects to the Baltic States

In April, NODA was chosen as one of the innovating SME in Bavaria to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The delegation was lead by the State Secretary for Economy and Media, Energy and Technology, Franz Pschierer.

The Baltic States are in a situation, where NODAs expertise of how to optimize grids, are most welcome. District heating has a huge energy market share but needs to be modernized and less dependent of imported oil and gas.

Thanks to a tremendous work of the German federal organization for Trade and Invest, key customers in all three countries were introduced to NODAs portfolio. Already in June, next meetings are planned.

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Kalmar Energi creates smart district heating network using NODA’s technology for virtual energy storage in buildings

Kalmar Energi and NODA Intelligent Systems are working together on an eco-smart and cost-effective district-heating network in the city of Kalmar, Sweden. The system is known as a Smart Heat Grid and is based on intelligent control functions that manage the district-heating network and coordinate the interaction between production, distribution and consumption in order to achieve energy efficiency and long-term sustainability.

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