Smart Heat Grid

Operational heat load optimization

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Harmonic system

By using big data from buildings and auto-analytics systems utilities can proact to peak load demands and optimize the operational behaviour of the heat load.

Solutions for the future

NODA Smart Heat Grid Solutions™ enables operational heat load optimization of district heating networks for utilities via the most intelligent energy system on the market.

Optimizing energy systems is one of the great challenges of our times. It’s when doing optimization on the grid side of the energy landscape you gain the real benefits" - Patrick Isacson, CEO

Proaction of peak load demands means cutting costs

By managing the consumer heat load it is possible to avoid peak loads in the network, thus minimizing the need for expensive and environmentally unsound peak load burners. The system adds another degree of operational control to the utility or energy provider.

Optimizing the operational behavior by balancing the heat load

Normally the base load boilers in a district heating system are benefitted by more even heat load profiles and lower return temperatures in the network. A NODA Smart Heat Grid acts as a virtual storage tank helping utilities and energy companies achieve such desired operational behavior.

Combined Heat & Power management

Optimizing CHP production is normally a question of coordinating the heat load demand with high spot prices on the power market. By using a NODA Smart Heat Grid it is possible to optimize this behavior by managing the heat load demand in relation to spot prices while continuously ensuring quality of service among consumers. NODA supplies systems for the whole process of forecasting, optimizing and managing the heat load.

Access to data brings opportunities to new business models

NODA is market leader in big data applications for energy heating systems. By transforming data into information it is possible increase user value, create new business development and build new business models tying utilities, energy companies and consumers tighter together.

Better environmental footprint

Traditionally being environmentally friendly has meant higher costs but by using NODA Smart Heat Grid the industry can gain both financial and environmental benefits. NODA joins traditional engineering knowledge with modern IT-technology to build sustainable and cost efficient solutions for the future.

Smart Heat Grid is used by customers like Karlshamn Energi, Växjö Energi, Swedavia, Kalmar Energi and Veolia.

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